Game Wear


Hi all! I just want to say, it’s crazy how much I love a good routine. Billy and I are slowly getting back in the swing of school/work/internship and figuring out the dynamics of the semester. It’s been so nice! We’ve also enjoyed getting back together with our friends in Ada. As much as I loved the break, starting a new (exciting) semester is equally great. Before heading back to school, we attended an OKC Thunder basketball game this past weekend, which was a blast. There’s not much better than a live sporting event, not to mention we are huge fans. It was the perfect way to end the break. This brings me to dressing for sporting events, it can be tricky. You want to feel chill, like you aren’t trying too hard. But you still want to look cute. Here’s a look at what I wore, I think the faux leather, cozy sweater and sneakers were perfect combination.





Sweater: Dillard’s

Pants: Dillard’s

Sneakers: I posted about them here

Long Necklace: Bliss Boutique in Durant, OK

Glasses: Eyemart Express

Bracelet: The Lucky Rose in Tishomingo, OK

New year, new internship, new fashion

So, in social work, there’s a lot of planning that goes on. Social workers plan on their own as well as collaborating with clients. This is great for me, because I’ve been a “planning” kind of gal for as long as I can remember. By the age of 10, I would plan each outfit, down to my socks, when we would go on vacation. I would literally make a schedule, label the days, and describe which outfit I wanted to wear on which day. This is one of the reasons I’m thankful I started this blog. It allows me to outfit plan as much as my heart desires.

With that being said, I’ve been doing some life-planning lately. I know many of the best things in life are spontaneous and unplanned. I have nothing against going with the flow. But when it comes to vacations, outfits, and anything that money is being spent on, I like to be organized. This year, the social work side of me busted out some new year’s goals and objectives, rather than resolutions. I‘ve been seeing a lot of bloggers post about certain themes that represent the way they want to live their life this year, or a certain word they want to focus on. But, after sitting in countless hours of Social Work Practice II, learning how to clearly write broad goals and measurable objectives, it just makes sense for my 2014 goals to be organized in this way. I’ll spare you the objectives, which explain how I will achieve each goal, and just share my 10 favorite goals for the year. Some are big and tough, others are fun, and some are just small changes I’d like to make. Whether you write goals, focus on one word, stick to resolutions, or select a theme, I hope 2014 becomes a great year for all of us!

  1. Complete internship
  2. Graduate with BSW
  3. Apply to MSW Program at the University of Oklahoma
  4. Attend more concerts
  5. Blog weekly
  6. Say “yes” more often. (ex. Those days when you’re exhausted, but your bestie wants to have dinner, but you decline and stay in bed all night. These are the times I’m talking about)
  7. Move to Norman
  8. Find a job in social work that allows me to learn, experience, and improve my skills.
  9. Begin paying back student loans
  10. Live a healthier lifestyle

I start my internship in Adult Protective Services next week. This means I’m in a major panic, flinging things around my closet, looking for the perfect outfit that will make a great impression on my (possible) future employers. While this look is a bit casual, it encompasses the overall professional vibe I want to rock in my internship and future career. I want to be polished and professional, but it’s also important that my clothes reflect my age and personal  style. Enjoy 🙂


blog 1-94

blog 1-99

blog 1-95

blog 1-98

blog 1-93

Shirt: On sale at Old Navy

Jeans: On sale at Old Navy

Sweater: Old Navy

Flats: Old Navy

Crossbody: Fossil- On sale

Bracelet: Bliss Boutique

Necklace: Sold out. But I love this one from Forever21