OKC Foodie Loveย 

Friends, I’ve gone and done something crazy. ย Well, maybe crazy isn’t the word for it but definitely something outside of the norm. If you follow my blog or Instagram, you know my content typically revolves around fashion and occasional home decor. However, I recently started a new Instagram dedicated to food! Aside from social work and good good clothes, eating out and trying new foods is one of my favorite hobbies. Billy and I try new restaurants as often as we can. I got to the point where every time we sat down to eat I was taking a picture of the gorgeous/yummy food on our table. I really wanted to share these on my insta (devyem) but they really didn’t fit the overall theme/vibes of my page. So, I started a new foodie insta account dedicated to the delicious food in the OKC area! The name is eating_okc, I invite you to follow along! It’s going to be a fun and delicious ride.